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Survey confirms Kiwis are better off using a mortgage advisor

In a recent survey conducted by Financial Advice New Zealand, it was proven that Kiwi’s who receive professional financial advice exhibit better financial behaviours than those that don’t.

This report surveyed 2,000 Kiwis from around the country and asked questions around financial plans, what financial products they used, and how often they reviewed these products. This takes into account any financial advice such as mortgage advice, KiwiSaver advice, and insurance advice.

Kiwis who used a mortgage advisor better understood the value of reviewing and making changes to their mortgage. This includes things like varying the amount of repayments, changing from fixed or floating rates, or offsetting savings accounts.

So let's look at some stats....

  • 90% of those believe that reviewing and making changes will save them money in the long term.

  • 86% of those surveyed who use a mortgage advisor (vs 68% of those that don’t) annually review their loan

  • 76% who use a mortgage advisor (vs 59% of those that don’t), review the loan structure when a fixed-term mortgage ends.

Regularly checking in on your mortgage is key, and is something that we help with throughout the life of your loan. We check to ensure your mortgage structure is still correct for your personal circumstances and goals, as well as ensuring you are receiving the best possible interest rates. Doing a regular check in means you could save thousands off your mortgage throughout the life of your loan.

If you are looking for mortgage advice look no further than Better Choice Home Loans. No matter whether you are wanting a new mortgage, or need an advisor to look over the mortgage you already have, we can help. Get in touch with us today



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