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First Home Buyers

From finding the right lender and loan terms to applying for government assistance and KiwiSaver, buying your first home can be overwhelming. We help right from the very start, including mortgage conditioning and pre-approvals.

Personal Loans

Needing a bit of extra cash for a wedding, medical expenses or a holiday away? A personal loan can help. We can advise you on personal lending, and help you to consolidate debt so debts are paid off faster. 

Home Loans

Whether you are wanting to sell and repurchase or are after a land and build, we can help arrange the correct level of finance and advice on lending structure and terms. We are with you through the term of your loan and regularly check in to ensure it is still meeting your needs. 

Asset Finance

Need a new truck, car, motorbike or boat? Asset finance helps you to afford to purchase big-ticket items. This is a good choice for those who can't afford to purchase up front but can afford to repay the monthly installments.

Business Loans

No matter what stage of business you are in, there is a business loan for everyone. We can assist with lending for all types of businesses from start-ups to well established companies.

Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are often taken out to assist with the purchase or development of a commercial property. These loans can be quite complicated and need to meet a number of criteria, which we are able to easily assist with.


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