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Managing your finances this festive season

The festive season is a great time of the year with the cheer of festive giving and many of us being able to spend time with friends and family. It can also be an expensive and stressful time for some, with the mounting pressure to spend on gifts and treats for the holiday season.

With inflation hitting hard this year there is no doubt that this Christmas will be more expensive than those in the past. Putting a budget in place for things like food and gifts is a good way to help limit spending. If you are having a family Christmas, encourage everyone to bring a plate so the cost doesn’t fall squarely on you. When it comes to Christmas sales, it can be easy to get tempted to buy, especially with the mentality of “I’ve worked hard this year, I deserve it”. And while that certainly might be true, again it’s a good idea to have a limit in mind of what you can realistically spend without going too much over budget and it coming back to bite you later on when the bills roll in.

Getting swept up in Christmas spending is easy to do, especially with the ease of it all through things like credit cards, lay-bys and Afterpay arrangements. If you’ve spent a little more than you should have this festive season, then never fear, it’s possible to get back on track. If you have multiple debts that you are struggling to manage, then talk to us about debt consolidation. This is the process of merging all of your debts into one loan, with one repayment amount and one interest rate. Consolidating your debt can make it much easier to manage, and often you’ll find you will save on interest.

Our mortgage advisors deal with debt consolidation on a regular basis and can help you put in place a plan to help manage your debt, and get you back on track to reaching your financial goals. Give us a call today on 0800 005 676



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